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As part of the Open Engagement conference in Portland, Oregon, I organized
Ping Pong Diplomacy

This is the invitation:
For Open Engagement I will be sharing my passion for table tennis, aka ping- pong, with conference goers. I invite you to a conversation and open play.

Our conversation will be with Portland’s own Judy Hoarfrost. At age 15, Ms. Hoarfrost was part of the famous 1971 “Ping Pong Diplomacy” trip to China, credited with the start of thawing relations between the US and China. An event that shares curious similarities with many of the ideas prevalent in social practice art. Ms. Hoarfrost is also co-owner of Paddle Palace, one of the largest retailers of table tennis supplies in the United States. She will talk about her experience, some history of table tennis in Portland and the sport in general.

After the conversation we will have open play with Judy Hoarfrost and the Portland State Table Tennis Club. I am looking forward to hearing about Ms. Hoarfrost’s experiences and playing table tennis with you.

The conversation took place on May 15, 2010 on the Portland State campus.
Thanks to Judy Hoarfrost, Dan and Ryan, Shubham Chopra for organizing, Sergio Vucci for images.